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BBC Radio 4 – slow property sales driven by poor documentation

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Radio 4’s You & Yours programme looked at the impact the slow pace of property sales was having on buyers and what could be done about it. The buyers placed the blame at the door of solicitors and the slow speed of obtaining and processing documentation. Exactly the problem digital property logbooks solve for buyers, sellers and indeed estate agents. Listen to the podcast here. The section on documentation and property sales starts at 3 mins 45 secs!

Director of delivery at the Conveyancing Association, Beth Rudolf, told listeners: “Unless the seller has been really ‘on it’ and got everything ready upfront when they decided to sell the property the conveyancers are in that awful position where they’ve got to wait for up to 10 different organisations to provide them with the information they need.” She went on to say: “If we can get sellers … to collate their information together, they get their searches done themselves, if they’re selling a flat … then they get the leasehold information in, that means when a buyer is found they’ve got everything that the buyer needs, that their valuer needs, that their lender needs to be able to review the information.”

Discover how digital property logbooks significantly speed up transactions and reduce fall-throughs here.

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