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Nigel Walley says property market is ‘digitising fast'

Trade association chief Nigel Walley says Levelling Up in particular will see pressure from Ministers for industry to raise its game.

The property market is digitising rapidly as several initiatives including the government’s Levelling Up agenda drive acceptance of technology within the industry and among consumers, it has been claimed.

The Residential Log Book Association, which represents the key players within this sector, says many parts of both the property transaction and moving-in processes are galloping towards digitisation including within local council searches, utilities, conveyancing, block management and estate agencies.

“Every organisation the RLBA deals with, from utilities to local councils, is building services that want consumers to provide information digitally,” says chair Nigel Walley.

“On top of this, logbooks help build a record of the property’s contents, creating a useful record that grows over time. Should the owner decide to sell up or re-mortgage, all information is available at their fingertips.”

Logbooks have been given several boosts recently including Michael Gove’s desire to see technology ‘level up’ the home moving process, and yesterday’s updated BASPI form which now includes UPRNs, which logbooks rely on to link information to each individual home, and Trading Standards’ efforts to make vendors and agents supply more information up-front when selling homes.

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