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Government Paper – Improving the home buying and selling process

Improving the home buying and selling process, making it quicker, cheaper and less stressful is a priority for this government. Over one million homes are bought and sold in England each year. Delays and complications in the process bring unnecessary financial and emotional stress to customers and may lead to people delaying their decision to move. This is not acceptable. The government is determined to bring about meaningful change to the home buying and selling process in order to make work for consumers rather than against them.

We launched a Call for Evidence which sought the views of industry and the public on how the home buying and selling process could be improved. The Call for Evidence ran for 8 weeks from 22 October 2017 until 17 December 2017. We used the BEIS research report ‘Buying and selling homes: consumer experience study’ to inform our Call for Evidence.

The Call for Evidence sought views on 25 questions which covered the whole of the home buying and selling process, from finding a home, to purchase, to moving in. There are a wide range of professionals involved – estate agents, lenders, conveyancers, surveyors and removal companies. We received 273 organisational responses which covered all of these industries in addition to a strong response from members of the public with 932 personal responses.

Download the complete PDF here ‘Improving the home buying and selling process. Summary of responses to the Call for Evidence and government response.

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