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‘Why property logbooks are the future of finding instructions’ – The Negotiator

Property logbooks are much more than just places for homeowners to ‘organise their asset’ online, they’re the future of finding instructions for estate agents!

It has been accepted for a long time that one of the most critical things for estate agents to get in the diary is a valuation appointment. But it does in the same inefficient way by every agent even though there is a simpler, much more effective way available.

Daniel Hamilton-Charlton in this The Negotiator blog looks at how digital property logbooks from PSD Logbooks allow agents to nurture leads effectively over the long term, creating a constant presence with the 98% of homeowners who are not in the market to sell at any moment in time and why with a ‘full team’ approach to lead nurture, logbooks will be the future of finding instructions for estate agents.

Read the full blog at The Negotiator

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