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Phil Spencer Digital Property Logbooks

Phil Spencer predicts huge benefits from digital property logbooks

An increasing number of high profile industry experts, have come out in favour of digital property logbooks in recent years. Probably one of the most well known, through the long running Channel 4 property TV show ‘Location Location Location’ he co-presents with Kirsty Allsopp is Phil Spencer. As well as running his own property business he is an advocate of improving the way property transactions are managed in the UK, an area he sees digital property logbooks playing an important role. In a recent tweet he said:

” There have been many half-hearted attempts to improve our housing market over the years. While there’s no denying this ‘log book’ concept would be a massive undertaking to pull together, there would be huge benefits. Speed and transparency being the stand out winners!”

Phil Spencer Broadcaster & Journalist

Click here to see how digital property logbooks are just helpful to property owners but a transformative tool for estate agents as well.

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