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Today’s Conveyancer – how do we ensure the critical material information buyers need to know?

This month, Beth Rudolf, Director Of Delivery At The Conveyancing Association took a look at how the industry ensures the critical material information buyers need to know is part of the Government’s white paper on Levelling Up.

“When it comes to improving the home buying and selling process, momentum gained has to be momentum sustained, and the recent White Paper on Levelling Up appears to provide the industry with the opportunity to maintain our momentum. However, at the same time, it needs full transparency on what is required.

For instance, the Levelling Up Paper talks about Government and our industry working together “to ensure the critical material information buyers need to know…is available digitally wherever possible from trusted and authenticated sources, and provided only once”.

“The good news is that, with the likes of the BASPI, Logbooks, Property Pack, etc, the industry has come up with the necessary solutions. The Upfront Information Group within the HBSG published its BASPI dataset last year, which is intended to collate one source of truth for all the data required for all the stakeholders in the transaction, and upfront.”

Though legislation from government may well eventually play a role in providing upfront information, it will be much faster and better for the industry and homeowners, if property logbooks become the norm, making upfront and transparent documentation a part of every house sale.

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