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This is how our Logbooks can help secure a client for life.

EA Masters Top 40 Innovation

Digital Property Logbooks can significantly help conveyancers.

Brand awareness is NOT about winning new business today, but is about being best placed to win new future business when you need it.

Most, if not ALL, conveyancing journeys start with a quote, but we don’t believe that they have to.  Getting a QUOTE tends to drive prospective clients to get more than one, then make a decision based on price alone, which rarely compares apples with apples.  Your professional fees need to be fixed at a level to enable you to make your conveyancing department a profit centre to be proud of and you need a differentiator that makes your service better than the rest.

What are you leaving with clients post completion to ensure that they come back to you when they want to sell in the future?

Are you just leaving their return up to chance, or expecting another introducer to send them back to you at great cost to your bottom line?

You are being referred clients every day, so how do you retain them for life rather than being re-introduced to them in the future?

Just as importantly, the system is a great way to cross sell your other departments. If you handle Family Law or Private Client business then this solution will help you to introduce those services to win yet more profitable work.

Digital Property Logbooks might just provide the answers

Branded Logbooks give you a commercial advantage in the clients living room every time they login, bypassing the quote and proceeding directly to an instruction! 

Logbooks also improve momentum and communications during the transaction by increasing visibility of completed paperwork and helping reduce fall through rates. 

Whilst you aren’t struggling for new business now, but what’s around the corner?

How are you nurturing the hundreds of future clients that you have been in contact with recently?

Stop waiting for referrals and start securing future business by enabling your clients to claim a branded logbook for their new property at completion.

Opt out of the race to the bottom on fees and paying unnecessary repeat referrals.

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List of Digital Logbooks Benefits
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