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This is how Logbooks generate business for you!

EA Masters Top 40 Innovation

Digital Property Logbooks can help estate agents grow fast.

Digital property logbooks provide estate agents with a next generation marketing and prospecting tool to generate more sales and win more customers. Fully branded and provided free by you to homeowners, our twindig digital property logbooks give you a powerful, long term branded presence in front of prospective customers where and when it matters most – in the home when they are managing their property.

  • Real time view of how active your prospects are and when they are considering selling

  • Fixed cost regardless of the number of prospects you sign up

  • Logbook simple and easy for customers to use to manage their property day to day

  • Stores all essential documentation as well as property details

  • Homeowners can purchase searches and reports they need directly from the logbook

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PSD Logbooks Lapton with video

5 ways digital property logbooks will grow your business

One – a branded presence in the customer’s home

The Twindig Logbook gives you a branded presence in front of prospective customers, in their own home whenever they are managing their property. Your brand will have been in front of them for the weeks, months and years before they decide to put their house on the market, ensuring you are right at the front of the queue when they choose an agent.

Two – a reason to talk to homeowners

Winning new sales requires communication with prospective customers over months and even years. The Twindig Logbook delivers one of the strongest platforms to talk to your prospects. From initial sign up to helping them fully utilise the benefits, the conversations to be had with prospects is almost endless.

Three – ‘at a glance’ dashboard delivers prospects insight

Your management dashboard gives you a view of all your prospects signed up to the Logbook. It lets you see at a glance which are active, key documents they have loaded and when they are changing their status preparing for sale. All triggers that suggest you contact them.

Four – generating goodwill and reciprocity

Logbooks are a valuable tool for homeowners and will become increasingly ubiquitous. Because you provided them with their Logbook at no cost to themselves, you will have created strong goodwill and reciprocity; one of the strongest drives in customer choice.

Five – making the sales process faster with fewer fall-throughs

When your customer is ready for sale, all the key documentation is ready in one place. If any documentation is missing, it can be instantly identified and then purchased online directly from the Logbook. Making your sales faster and more reliable!

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