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Exquisite Homes ‘what is a logbook’ podcast

What is a logbook? Exquisite Homes, one of the UK’s pioneer agents successfully using digital property logbooks to win and serve customers, takes you through the advantages to homeowners in a recent podcast.

Gavin Human of Exquisite Homes ( )talks passionately about how logbooks has benefitted his business saying, “Myself and Exquisite Home want to ensure all homeowners have access to their very own digital property logbook – a digital logbook that enables you to keep all your documents and paperwork – including receipts, guarantees, planning consents – together and secure in one place. This would ensure all of that key information can easily be kept safe and secure and then safely shared as and when you want; particularly at the point of sale, helping to significantly speed up the whole process.”

Gavin highlights the main reasons for delays:

Delays are often caused by

  1. Key property information being missed or being received late by the solicitors

  2. A lack of trust in the data that solicitors or buyers receive

  3. Slow and often in-correct Identification processes.

  4. Anomalies appearing very late in the paperwork, including information from the lender or land registry – this means wasted time, stressful and emotionally upsetting, uncertainty and unable to make forward plans, – this could include schooling or work issues and also very costly to you the client and also your buyer.

So if you’re ever asking yourself ‘what is a logbook’ and how can it help me, listen to this podcast.

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