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New Brand has launched to help conveyancers retain future business and increase profits.

A new Brand for the conveyancing sector launched this month and appears set to deliver data and business finessing solutions for conveyancer throughout England and Wales.

Conveyancer Insights, launched by Mike Stainsby, Commercial Director at Property Searches Direct, appears to have the answers that many conveyancing firms are asking:

  • How do we compare to our competitor firms?

  • How are we performing when engaging with new business?

  • What do our introducers think of us?

  • How can we retain more clients for life and stop repeatedly paying for clients?

  • What is our Financial Headroom and how can we grow our bottom line?

  • Are there more profitable sources of work that we could be winning?

Conveyancer Insights have provided access to a redacted version of a premium report that was commissioned prior to their launch that demonstrates the breadth of value being delivered to firms concerned about what 2023 will hold for them.

Whilst some are still busy with pipelines left over from the busy 2022 market, some are beginning to have time to breath and are noticing a downturn in new business enquiries and pipelines are getting slimmer.

Some firms may leap at the well known hoppers and try to get back on panels to win higher volume, lower margin work, whilst others will decide to take more control of their own destinies and strive some something a little more rewarding for the bottom line and the soul.

Knowing where to start and what steps you can take in invaluable. Conveyancer Insights is bringing a wealth of information and data to firms in the sector who are preparing for leaner times ahead. But they have a lot of great solutions on offer to help combat any anxiety of what lies ahead.

With solutions to help with the complete lifecycle of conveyancing transactions, including PSD Logbooks for Post Completion activities, Conveyancer Insights is worth a look.

Request a copy of their redacted Premium Insights report at the following web address:

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