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Why Property Logbooks are a riveting read

What is a property logbook?

A property logbook is a very useful tool for every home buyer, homeowner, home seller and landlord. It is a physical record of all the vital information about your home, think of it as the ultimate Wikipedia page – the source of all knowledge and insight about your home.

What is a digital property logbook?

A digital property logbook is an on-line or digital version of a physical property logbook. Twindig is a provider of digital property logbooks. A digital property logbook is much more practical than a physical one. You can access it wherever you have access to the internet.

You have everything you need to know and remember about your property at your fingertips– you can’t google ‘When did last service our boiler?’, but you can twindig it.

What is the purpose of a property logbook?

The purpose of a property logbook is to provide a place where a homeowner or renter can store all the important documents they need to maintain and manage their home in one place. It is there to help households get organised and to avoid that nasty feeling you have when you cannot find an important document or think you have lost it.

Property logbooks come into their own when moving house and when planing building, repairs or maintenance projects. If you have all the information you need to move house stored in a property logbook before you put your home on the market it is one big thing less to worry about and can significantly reduce the stress of moving home as it will reduce the delays that can be faced during the conveyancing process. With no need to worry about documents and paperwork you are freed up to focus on the more interesting and enjoyable task of buying and focusing on your next home.

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