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Home Information Packs – are they making a comeback?

Agents and conveyancers have signed up to a new buyer’s and seller’s property information form that is described as having been inspired by the old Home Information Park.

Over the weekend trade and representative bodies representing the legal, surveying, estate agency and property management sectors launched a new version of the BASPI – the Buyer’s and Seller’s Property Information form.Although the old Home Information Pack isn’t mentioned in the official launch, some observers including the Law Society Gazette are saying the BASPI has been inspired by the lacks, which caused uproar in the agency world when they were introduced by the then Labour government as part of the Housing Act 2004.

Now the BASPI – developed by the upfront information working group of the Home Buyers and Sellers Group – has been developed to become the ‘single source of truth’ containing all the information required about a property when it is put on the market for sale.

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